The Diesen Intelligence agency logo

This Group is made by "OotinnyoO" Inspired By Rainbowconsole

This group is for some people invited to Group

A Application Will start soon

The head of DIA will be OotinnyoO

The Owner of Diesen Will be Rainbowconsole while he gets his BC back

Investigator will be A Rank when you investigate anything

The first rank will be replaced to DIA Trainee Soon when March 25th

This will start a application Made by OotinnyoO or Rainbowconsole

OotinnyoO makes an application In DIA or D.I.S.T

Rainbowconsole makes an application in ethier D.I.S.T or D.B (Diesen Builders)

Make sure: Correct all grammars

Make sure do that application I asked

Your application

if it failed you can do it in 1 hours

If it passed You could actually join

Make application: OotinnyoO's Account

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